Our brand story and our product patents

Founder grew up in his father´s bicycle part manufacturing factory,dreamed of building his own unique bike in the future.

In addition to learning manufacturing and production in factory, but also abroad to observe more technologies and possibilities in the design.

One day he walked on Alberta St in Portland and attracted by Fixed gear deeply.
After understanding the local lifestyle and culture, he founded out that every owner´s lifestyle presented by their Fixed gear. 
In that time, founder realized that is what he want. 

When he went back to Taiwan, he started to research and create new types of Fixed gear,specializes in safety and style can give riders more choices and better riding experience.

Our frame are use braze welding and polished by handmade,and complicated processes showing a detail of texture but retains the simple shape.We also Committed to developing of special design on frame.

Even this will spent a lot of time and cost.

But, it is what we insist on quality and make your fixed gear distinctive.

 So,why Passense here ?

We want to "pass your sense of bike" is the answer.